time magazine breastfeeding cover

By choosing this cover, TIME has opted for sensationalism over an honest discourse on the subject of breastfeeding. What a shame that proper feeding and care of our children has to provoke finger pointing and emotionally-driven insults instead of facts and thoughtful discussion.

Personally, I take issue not so much with the photo or with the article itself, but with the wording that TIME chose to use on their cover. I'm saddened that TIME magazine resorted to controversy, managing to lay blame on “mothers going to extremes” and implying that others may not be doing all that they should – in just a few short lines! This subject is so important. With their readership, they could be a vital source of information on health, proper nutrition and the facts behind parenting choices, but instead they turn immediately to scandal, pointing fingers at parents who are simply trying to do what's best for their children. Their intention was probably to draw readers in with the shock and awe factor, but I've already seen so many turned off by those few lines that they haven't even bothered to read what the author has to say.

I'm so frustrated that my children have to be raised in this atmosphere of negativity and misunderstanding.