Tin Can Craft

This is one of my favorite crafts from when I was a kid. It's easy and quick, and can be tweaked for just about any holiday.

Tin Can Craft
Tin cans
Small piece of wood (like kindling, approximately 2-3″ x 8 or 9″)
Wood glue
Votives or tea lights

Tin Can Craft supplies

frozen tin cans

Fill cans with water and let freeze overnight. This creates a firm backing inside the can for you to hit your nail against so the can doesn't dent.

Tin Can design

Using the sharpie, form the design you want on your cans out of dots (sort of like connect-the-dot, but there will be no actual connecting of the dots in this case.)

Tin Can hole craft

Hold the nail against the can and hammer the tip gently through each of the dots.

ice tin cans

Set the tin cans out and let the ice melt completely.

wood tin craft

Trim the wood piece down so that the tin cans will fit on it without much overhang, and generously squirt wood glue onto the wood piece.

Set the tin cans onto the wood piece, let dry and you're good to go. Set small candles in the cans and light for a glowing centerpiece. I've seen people paint the cans, but I prefer the rustic bare look. Reminds me of childhood.