We've all been there. Barreling through life, checking off deadlines, meeting expectations, kicking butt and taking numbers when all of the sudden…

No. This is not happening. I'm not getting sick. I can't be.

Eight easy tips for managing sickness while busy.-3


It's hard to function as parent, professional business person, and general keeper-togetherer of all the things. Add a virus in the mix and you've got a rough time comin! Here are our tips for staying on track, even when you feel like you've been hit by a train.

8 tips for managing sickness while busy. Such great advice for parents, who don't have the option of taking a sick day.

Take vitamins. Seriously. Vitamin C and Zinc are my go-tos when I need to ward off yuckiness in a hurry.

Eight easy tips for managing sickness while busy.-2

Get in the action, even when you really can't. Missing out on big moments when you're stuck in bed? Phone it in! I've Skyped my way through a number of meetings as opposed to canceling altogether when I was under the weather, and the same concept can apply to the whole family. At home, we use a Logi Circle monitoring device to auto-record special moments and we've found that its portability makes it really good for kids to drop in on get-togethers or parties from afar. Grandparents can also use the two-way intercom to check in intermittently and help cheer kids up on a dreary day.

Make a list. All of life's little details can seem utterly overwhelming when you're sick. You've got a potential sinus infection clouding your thinking skills, and everybody is suddenly needing something all at once. Make a list, prioritize what absolutely needs to get done, and tackle only the top essentials. If possible, delegate someone else to get it done!

Eight easy tips for managing sickness while busy.-4

Eat good food. I know, this is easier said than done. Who actually has time to be cooking chicken noodle soup or even picking up takeout when they're fighting the flu and are fifteen deadlines down? We keep Rise bars on-hand to keep our protein intake up when our immune system needs it most.

Hot shower, saline, Sudafed. You can't think clearly with a bunch of junk clogging up your brain. Battle boogies at the source with saline mist and Sudafed (you have to ask a pharmacist for pseudophedrine, don't get the knock off stuff off-the-shelf) and take a hot, steamy shower.

Eight easy tips for managing sickness while busy.-1

Keep track of temperatures. I'll confess that when I'm busy, I sometimes forget to stay on top of the kids' fever medication. Suddenly I'll check in on them, they're burning up, and I can't recall when I gave them their last dose of Tylenol. Worst. Feeling. Ever. With the Kinsa smart phone thermometer, I can auto-record their temperatures in my phone and jot down notes about dosage amounts and times. While all of that information is in the palm of my hand, I go ahead and set an alarm to alert me when it's time to check in again, and everything is easily-accessible to answer any doctor's questions.

Sleep. I know you have a million things to do, so I'm not suggesting you laze around in bed all day. But a power nap can keep you going. Give yourself thirty minutes, and then get back on top of the game.

Liquids. I know that you're bound to turn to a little coffee when you're exhausted and need to keep going. That's okay. But it's especially important now that you balance out that dehydrating cup of joe with massive amounts of water to support your vital functions and clear all the yuckiness out of your system.

How do you manage sickness when you're too busy to stop?