toadstool cake pops

Guess what?! A blog reader recently asked me to make toadstool cake pops for her daughter's 1st birthday party. So it's official…if this writing/marketing career of mine doesn't work out, I can bake for a living. Actually, the toadstool cake pops were such a hit, I may just go ahead and start up my own cake pop shop right now.

Toadstool Cake Pops
1/3 container of frosting mixed with one baked box cake as outlined in Santa Hat Cake Pops
1-inch deep Truffle Chocolate Mold
Lollipop sticks
White candy melts
Red candy melts

toadstool cake pops mold

Shape the cake pops into toadstools by pressing them into the truffle chocolate mold with a rounded top.

how to make toadstool cake pops

One by one, hold the cake pops by the rounded top of the toadstool and dip the bottom half into melted white candy coating. It's important that the white frosting come up to the “lid” of the toadstool cake pop, coating the entire “stem.” Set the cake pop, upside-down, on wax paper and stick the lollipop sticks into the bottom before the candy melt dries.

toadstool cake pops holder

Dip the top of each toadstool cake pop into melted red candy coating, making sure that the red coating meets the white coating. I like to stick the end of the cake pops in a jar filled with rice until they dry. A styrofoam block also works well to hold them.

toadstool cake pops

Add white dots by dipping a lollipop stick in white frosting and dabbing it onto the top of the toadstools. I also added luster dust on top and wrapped them individually.

Apparently, the toadstool cake pops were extremely popular at the 1 year-old's birthday party. Success! Of course, I think it has a lot to do with the audience. Cake, mixed with frosting, covered in candy…what 1 year-old wouldn't love THAT?