tiniest frying pan

We're in full vacation decompression mode here. You know what I mean. There are weird-smelling clothes everywhere and I'm pretty sure I haven't showered in like, three days. MAN do I have emails. So. Many. Emails.


And I'm already planning our next trip.

Our first toddler camping experience went really, really well. I have to give myself a little pat on the back and mega bonus point for organization. There were lots of Ziplock bags involved in wrangling all of our loose items and making the whole thing an enjoyable experience. But more on that later.

The Toddler Camping Outfit

toddler won't give up his binky

I got a new outfit from Gymboree for the occasion and wanted to share because, seriously, this toddler of mine is adorable. I went with an oversized cammo jacket (seemed fitting for the experience), and a couple easy-on pairs of shoes that I got for a STEAL during their 30% off sale. Made for easy running around and bundling up as the summer nights turned cool up in the Pacific Northwest.

toddler camping outfit

His t-shirt says “Half Dome Yosemite.” I plan to visit Yosemite one day in the near future and make him wear this shirt in front of that big giant rock of a mountain. Because I'm cheesy like that. I want those pants, too. Comfy jersey on the inside and nylon on the outside. Why is it that I'm always jealous of my children's clothing? Oh right. Because they dress better than I do.

toddler camping hat

I got him an adorable patch hat that I'm totally going to sew badges on throughout his life (I got it in a size meant for five-year-olds so we can prolong this Boy Scout-ish experience).

He kept trying to eat the hat.

Kids are weird.

baby on play parachute

Not to be left out, Sidekick got an awesome play parachute. Remember those big fabric circles with the handles on them in preschool? Everyone would grab a side and then lift up and run under, creating a momentary parachute experience that was THE most awesome thing in the world until it deflated after like ten seconds? Yeah. I found one of those at Gymboree. I may have squealed a little bit. Right now it serves as a glorified crawl mat but just as soon as he develops some sort of hand-eye-feet coordination, Sidekick's gonna be running under this thing and giggling like a schoolgirl.

Do you buy your children special occasion outfits or toys that make you nostalgic?