worried about toddler nutrition?

Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I am an awesome mom. I'm sure there are a lot of things I do wrong, but motherhood isn't one of them. I take my kids on really fun activities, I read them bedtime stories, and I knock toddler nutrition out of the park. We're always fully-stocked with veggies, fresh and homemade dehydrated fruit, meat snacks and yogurt.


Lately, though, Some Boy's been exercising his right of refusal. It's a 2-year-old thing, I guess. He's learned the word “No,” and he thinks it's the greatest thing in the history of the world. I can stock us with healthy toddler nutrition all day long. None of that makes a difference if he won't eat. Especially when he's teething or feeling sick, he will literally go on hunger strikes for days on end. No amount of bargaining, rewarding or coaxing makes a difference. It's hard to deal with a person who hasn't yet developed a sense of reason. You have to make sure their needs are met without being able to fully explain what you need from them, and without letting them call the shots. It's like a year-long standoff that you just hope to emerge from with your sanity intact.

I worry that he's not getting all the vitamins and minerals that he needs. I contemplated vitamins, but capsules are obviously out. Gummies are still a choking hazard for him, and it's another battle getting him to accept their weird texture.


One thing he will always go for, without fail, is his sippy. Just about anything in liquid form is acceptable. I've tried powdered vitamin mixes myself before and lo and behold, they're also available for toddler nutrition!


VoloVitamins: the solution to Toddler Nutrition Woes

A talented team of nutritionists, scientists, pediatricians and – most importantly – parents at VoloVitamins has developed a line of powdered vitamin sticks for kids that you can easily sneak into their water or juice. VoloVitamins include complete nutrition to support your child's growing body. Literally everything from A to Zinc is in there to support your child's major organs, brain, immune system, eyes, bones, emotional health and more. So you can relax next time your kid says, “NO!”


It's the perfect solution for kids who have outgrown breastfeeding and formula, but are too young to understand the concept of that age-old threat, “No dessert unless you finish your dinne!.” Best of all, it's made with a blend of seventeen different fruits for all-natural, delicious nutrition with no added sugar and no GMOs. Get some healthy living inspiration from VoloVitamins on Facebook and Twitter, and then head on over to VoloVitamins.com to stock up before your toddler's next obstinate phase. These are also fantastic for those times when you're on-the-go with older kids and don't have a reliable source of healthy food. Perfect for road trips!