When you first have a kid, everybody talks about baby safety. Parents hear the same tips a few dozen times until they can rattle them off like pros: pick up small objects, cover outlets, bolt furniture to the wall. But nobody spends much time addressing toddler safety, and many parents are left scrambling when their baby transitions from crawling to walking to ripping things off shelves.

Considering toddler safety and monitoring older children. Technology needs beyond babyhood.

As much as possible, I like to help parents prepare for parenthood long-term and buy products that will last through numerous stages of child development, considering issues such as toddler safety.

The Importance of Monitors for Toddler Safety

Like many parents, we initially bought a small baby monitor without many bells and whistles. It worked to monitor about five square feet and let me know when the baby cried. However, our toddler's eventual move from a walled-in crib to an open bed made us rethink our initial monitor purchase. Suddenly the single camera pointed straight at the crib wasn't sufficient, as our sly guy would burrow into corners of the room for toddler-y mischief. When we tried to move the brothers together and bring the baby into the toddler room it was even MORE mayhem as we discovered the toddler hopping into the crib and dumping all of his toys on the poor little guy's head. My sleep time became totally overwhelmed with refereeing the situation. All around, not a great moment for toddler safety or baby safety.

split screen on the Levana

Levana reached out to help us with their two-camera night and day camera called the Keera. It had a few features I instantly fell in love with: multiple panning and zooming cameras let me see every corner of the room, with expansion options up to four cameras. As our family grows, I have the option to view all at once or rotate through each. The system has a talk-back feature so I can push a button and remind my oldest about the rules without having to march into the other room. The cameras don't have any lights on them to creep my kid out at night (toddlers get hung up on weird stuff) and ClearVu digital wireless technology means that we have a secure connection that can't be hacked.

menu with peep option and lullabies

My favorite features, though, are critical to both toddler safety and parent sanity. The menu includes a “Peep” option to shut the screen off and only turn it back on when noise is detected on the other end. This helps the battery last for up to 24 hours! We all know parents get busy and forget to recharge things regularly (dead phone, anyone?) and a dead monitor is a useless monitor. In addition to that, it can play soothing lullabies to help get fussy kids back to sleep in the middle of the night – a trick that wonders with my kids but up until this point has required me to drag my butt out of bed and go in there to stream music off my phone. Whoever thought of this feature is a GENIUS.

Sweet monitor moment

And last but not least, this older-kid-friendly monitor features the ability to save photos and video of the screen. Crucial for toddler safety? Not so much. But it's pretty awesome when you're able to nab a sweet moment like this to share with the relatives…especially when it's possible from the comfort of my own bed.

Can you guess what I'm doing more of nowadays? That's right. Less refereeing. More sweet, sweet, glorious sleep.

Being a mom keeps us busy! What do you wish you could do more of?

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