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When Trop50 asked me to write a post about five fabulous bloggers, I jumped at the chance! Social media is a big industry here in San Diego, so I've been fortunate to meet a number of wonderful bloggers in person at local events. These people have become my friends and have been a great support as I've gotten married, become pregnant and had my first child shortly after moving here. Whenever I have questions like, “Where can I get the best price on flowers?” or “Which jiggly swing apparatus from Babies R Us will most effectively make my infant fall asleep?” they're Johnny-on-the-spot with the answers I need. Here are five of my favorite top bloggers, all hailing from this awesome city.

Sugar Jones

Sugar from Sugar In The Raw
Sugar is one of the most outspoken people I know and she always tells it like it is. From calling out ignorant people to frankly confronting the idea of selling out, Sugar seems to boldly speak (er, type) just about every thought that comes into her head…which is exactly what makes her blog so intriguing.


Mama Mary ShowMary from Mama Mary Show
Mary is utterly hilarious and is another blogger who isn't afraid to be herself. An avid Justin Timberlake fan and a self-described “Gleek,” Mary is undeniably one of the coolest kids on the block. Don't believe me? Check out this parody she and her husband made of Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind.



Stefanie from Ooph
Stefanie's blog consists largely of a series of glimpses into her world as the mom of three boys. How the hell she managed to have three kids and still look like that…I have no idea. And it pisses me off. But then I read her hysterically honest thoughts on parenthood (like how Mark Zuckerberg is screwing everything up) and I can't stay mad.


Mommy Loves CoffeeChristina from Mommy Loves Coffee
Another mom of three boys, Christina is always in the know about the latest baby products and trends in child-rearing. Her solid recommendations and fool-proof advice make it seem like Christina's totally on top of it, but she's not afraid to admit that even she has the occasional rough night.


Happy Healthy HipSondra from Happy Healthy Hip
Sondra is a parenting coach who really knows her stuff. She just had her second child a few months before Some Boy came along, so I've relied on her for everything from hand-me-down maternity clothes to advice about which books I actually need to read. On her blog, Sondra recommends helpful baby products and keeps readers abreast of the latest news about parenting and childhood.

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