toilet paper

What is it about household paper goods that is SO polarizing? When Nate and I got married, there was a series of intense debates regarding what brand of toilet paper we'd use. I'm not going to say who won but suffice it to say, my bum always gets its way. I'll admit I never cared a whole lot about facial tissue, though. When I was sick I'd wipe my nose on whatever random absorbent items I found laying around. Toilet paper, sleeves, other people's hair. Whatever.

And then the boys came along and facial tissue became an everyday concern. We live in the country and they have allergies and their poor little sinuses run ALL the time. Some Boy knew how to blow his nose like a pro by the time he was 2, and I'd gone through every brand on the market in search of the perfect tissue that didn't rub his sensitive skin the wrong way and wouldn't absorb our entire bank account right along with his snot boogies. Yeesh.

tissue aesthetic

After I partnered with Angel Soft I gave their new cube lotion tissues a try and I was a convert for life. Lotion + tissue = genius. It's super-soft and moisturizes gentle skin while wiping away all that gnarly stuff. Plus, it's extra-thick so I can do unconventional tissue things like killing spiders and picking up stray meadow muffins when the toddler decides to yank off his diaper and fling it around his head like he's Harrison Ford and his diaper's the whip from Raiders of the Lost ArkPlease. Don't even try to act like this has never happened to you.

Also, can I just rave about the sleek styling of this tissue box for a minute? Seriously. They come in all sorts of colors and contemporary designs that fit into any decor so I don't feel like my tissue box is shouting, “Hey boogers! Over heeeeere!” from the mantle in my living room.

tissue price comparison

I should also mention that at my grocery store, Angel Soft facial tissue is significantly cheaper than the competitors. Just sayin. A couple boxes of Angel Soft and you've saved enough for a fancy latte. I calculate all my savings in latte equivalents. For extra super bonus points, Angel Soft has a coupon over on their Facebook page.