As a child, it was a real struggle to get me to pay attention in class. I had a stressful home life and was frequently distracted by personal matters, but I think a lot of the difficulty simply stemmed from the fact that I'm naturally a bit restless and inattentive. Even today, it takes me awhile to really get into a task and I have to strictly discipline myself to stay focused and finish what I've started.

Considering the bumpy path I've had to success, I was intrigued when I heard about Empowering Parents‘ helpful education programs. I certainly hope that my children don't have the trouble I had focusing when I was younger, but I know that if they do there are certain techniques and intervention methods that can help guide them along the right path early on. That's the idea behind Empowering Parents' programs: they give parents the tools they need to guide their children in the right direction. Empowering Parents sent me their Total Focus program to review and I was impressed, as someone who has struggled with focus issues and as a former elementary school teacher.

Total Focus

The Total Focus methods are straightforward and easy to grasp for all types of learners. The program includes helpful audio lessons that walk parents through the steps they need to take to get their kids on track. A handy workbook outlines activities and strategies for children as well as parents, with tips for how to reduce stress and increase productivity. Best of all, the program preaches positive reinforcement with very reasonable penalties for children who misbehave. This helps teach them the cause and effect balance of their actions in a way that builds them up and boosts their confidence in their own skills.

Sound good? Empowering Parents is giving my readers a chance to win it! I'll be giving away the Total Focus program next week from August 7-August 13th as part of a Back to School giveaway hop event. If you want a reminder when it’s time to come back and enter, just subscribe to get notifications of my new posts by email or Feedreader. And please take a chance to show Empowering Parents some love on Facebook – they have all sorts of great parenting advice over there.

Empowering Parents sent me the Total Focus program to review. All opinions are my own.