toddler with trains

Sidekick is celebrating his first birthday this week, and all the preparation made me realize that it's been quite a whirlwind of baby around here pretty much since the day he was born. Some Boy is a kind older brother, always ready to lend a hand. He's polite and sweet and patient, having eased into the big brother role at just eighteen months of age.

train track ties

Sometimes I worry as a parent, though, that I might lose sight of him in the general hustle and bustle of our lives. This little boy has personality. He is SO funny. Such a goofball. And he's obsessed with trains. He wakes up talking about them first thing in the morning and goes to bed dreaming of them at night.

day out with Thomas

I heard that Thomas the Train (Some Boy's favorite) was coming to visit for “Day Out with Thomas” at the Orange Empire Railway Museum, so we decided to treat our biggest boy to a special day focused completely on him and his interests.

train knobs

We saw Sir Topham Hatt and played with knobs and levers and all sorts of trainy doodads.

thomas train made out of wood

Cute displays like this got my wheels turning. I could totally make a backyard train display from some old pallets. Focus, Chelsea, focus!

train memorabilia

We visited the narrow gauge tracks and Some Boy got really excited to wave at all the trains going by. There were even a bunch of T6 Texans and a TBF Avenger doing flybys. “Hi plane! Hi train! Hi car!” He is one enthusiastic kid. We heard greetings directed at the trains, planes and automobiles all throughout our adventure.

hay bales at Orange Empire Railway Museum

Visiting a train museum is a totally fun activity for kids this age. I could envision hosting a rad birthday party at a train museum. If you live near Perris, Thomas the Train will be continuing his display at the Orange Empire Railway Museum on November 11th, 16th and 17th. Even if those days don't work for you, it's a fun trip just to go12 by and see the locomotives or hop aboard one of the running streetcars!

Does your family take time to celebrate all of your children's interests?