Tria Hair Removal System

I shared with you all awhile back how I was going to start trying at home laser hair removal with the Tria Hair Removal System. I was a little skeptical at first because A) I'm a cynic by nature and B) I'm terrible with pain. I was totally afraid of inflicting sharp rubber band-like stinging sensations on myself. But it's absolutely not like that at all. I even made a handy video to show you all just how simple and painless the Tria Hair Removal System is.

How to use the Tria Hair Removal System

It's really simple to use the Tria Hair Removal System. I think the biggest hurdle I've encountered with it so far is just remembering to stick to using it bi-weekly for optimal results. Remembering to use it every other week leads to total hair elimination in about six months.

Tria Hair Removal System

Fully charge the system and turn it on by pressing the green button on top. You'll notice that a lock symbol appears initially.

Tria Hair Removal System

Unlock the Tria Hair Removal System by holding the red light ont he bottom of the system up to the skin you plan to laser.

Tria Hair Removal System

The light will read your skin and confirm that your skin tone is appropriate for use with the system. The system is appropriate for use on people with light to medium skin tones and light brown to black body hair.

Tria Hair Removal System

The Tria Hair Removal System is automatically set to the loset intensity level, level 1.

Tria Hair Removal System settings

Press the green button to increase the intensity level. Spot test it on yourself to determine the highest intensity level you can handle – higher intensity leads to faster hair loss.

Tria Hair Removal System how-to

Hold the Tria Laser Hair Removal System against your skin, moving it every time it beeps twice. You want to overlap the area that you laser by about 1/4″ each time you move it against your skin.

I've been having great results so far using it once every two weeks…I'll check back in with you guys again in a couple of weeks to let you know how well it continues to work for me!

This post is sponsored by the Tria Hair Removal System. All opinions are my own.