Hope you all had a Happy Easter weekend! I spent Friday at the opening of the fascinating Zenergy House out in LA (details about that to come tomorrow!) before heading north to visit family.

Since my sister has officially gone off to college, my parents are downsizing from their beautiful 3 bedroom house in Ventura, CA to something smaller in Orange County. The change is bittersweet for me. I loved the space they had in their most recent home (and I was quite a fan of the community pool at their big place in suburbia) but they'll be closer to me after the move. And having relocated a lot throughout my life, I don't tend to get too attached to one place.

I went home this weekend to troll through a jillion boxes of childhood memories and determine what's worth keeping and what's not. On the definitely keep list: my massive collection of troll dolls.

Yep, there are more trolls where that came from. Lots and lots and lots more. I loved troll dolls when I was a kid. Trolls were my own weirdo version of Barbie dolls. I braided their hair and dressed them up and developed little personalities for each one of them, and I'm so glad I got to salvage my troll collection before they went the way of my beloved pogs. I also had a ridiculous amount of Breyer horses. My sister – six years younger than me – had American Girl dolls, Beanie Babies, and My Little Ponies. What a difference six years can make!

So, what childhood toys were you obsessed with?