truck juice

It's no secret how much I love my truck. That (plus the fact that I'm an elitist control freak) drives me to do most my own car maintenance at home. I change my oil, refill all the fluids, fix my own starters, alternators, belts, brakes and everything else I don't want to pay some grease monkey to do. Lately, though, my gas mileage has been leaving me…wanting.

truck maintenance

When I first got my truck, my MPG was approximately 19 MPG highway. That actually wasn't too bad, considering I was driving the coolest truck in the world (and a V8 nonetheless). Recently, I've noticed it's been more like 14-15. That made me sad. To think, my baby was getting sick. I would gently feather the throttle to get around, hoping not to upset her. I mean, it's not like I can have my truck do cardio to get better gas mileage. Man, if that were possible I'd have to rename my truck Prefontaine (the long-distance sprinter).

I don't trust anybody with my truck as far as making improvements without thoroughly going through their background and taking a DNA sample. So it goes without saying, I like to make all the improvements myself. My father gave me a couple “backwoods” remedies for my problem. They made feel like my nickname should be Bubba (it actually is Bubba). So I went with the next best thing. I figured after a time, there would have to be some sort of buildup inside my engine that I could break down and get out. So I went with a brand that I knew was well-known and trusted (plus, I had an STP Hot Wheels car when I was a kid…so I knew I could trust them).

truck maintenance STP

I went to the nearest “buy stuff cheap store” (AKA Walmart) and went to the automotive section. Found the best bottle of STP and thought to myself, “This is a flavor my truck might like,” and bought two. Plus, Chelsea approved because there was a coupon on the bottle. I should just make up a coupon and stick it on a Doberman. Then maybe she'll let me have one.

Went to the gas station and filled it up, and injected my STP fluid directly into the gas tank. Drove her to work the next couple days and didn't notice a change in my fuel gauge. It actually scared me for a bit…so I drove it around for a couple hours and made sure it wasn't broken. Only slightly irritated I wasted that gas, as I was more happy that I was actually running more efficiently. Want to see more, watch my video. That's what it's for. So I don't have to write stuff.


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