Nate was driving home from running errands today and had a sudden craving for a tuna salad sandwich, so he called and asked me to make him one for when he got home (yes, I’m THAT awesome of a fiancé). I asked him to walk me through it on the phone since he likes all sorts of weird stuff in his tuna salad…I’m a miracle whip and celery girl whereas he’s a mayo and dill relish guy (ew). The sandwich was coming along fine – I’d mixed the tuna, mayo, relish – until he asked me to add two dashes of cayenne pepper.

I grabbed the nearest cayenne pepper bottle and hesitated. “Are you sure, two whole dashes?”

“Yeah, I like it kind of spicy. Give it two good shakes,” he assured.

“Okay, if you say so…”

Turns out, there’s two cayenne pepper bottles in our cabinet: the cayenne pepper shaker and the refill bottle.  I was holding the wrong one. Woops.


Nate’s tuna salad ended up looking more like curry. But he ate it anyway (that’s how awesome of a fiancé HE is)!