Interested in saving on TV this year? Check out the tips in the sponsored guest post below!

You might have had all kinds of great Christmas packages under your tree this holiday season, but we’re betting none of them will match up to the TV packages from the Broadband TV systems. That’s one big box that carries all your entertainment for the year, and for years to come, wrapped up in great savings and a big bow of lasting fun and variety.

Check out TV Essential
There are several Broadband packages to choose from, but we’d like to tell you about TV Essential, the literally essential gathering of every great channel out there, all in one compact system. You get the great free channels you already love, such as BBC iPlayer, Demand Five, 4D (you really have to see that one in the high-definition mode), BBC One and, of course, the giant twins of TV entertainment, ITV 1 and ITV 2.

Choose Your Favorite
The TV packages are easy to order, also—you just choose the YouView TV package that appeals the most and grab the basic programs you can’t live without (and both TV Essential and its companion, TV Unlimited, are so inexpensive, you’ll not need much time to decide the ideal one for you).

How Much?
TV Essential can be had for a mere £ 5. That’s a per month payment, not by the day or week; you can’t get basic TV or a decent night at the cinema for that price any more. And TV Essential includes all the channels noted above, as well as Pay As You Go On-Demand movies (there’s a massive library with literally thousands right at your fingertips) and Box Office movies available on the spectacular BT Vision player.

Pay As You Go
With the Pay As You Go option, you can access any of the on-demand shows anytime; you pay a pittance for a 24 hour rental (a mere 50p per episode or show), and it’s yours for the day. Box Office Movies, the latest and greatest releases direct from your cinema, priced out from £ 3.50 and up per film. Try and find a cinema that lets you in for that ticket price!

Your Choice!
And once you’ve chosen TV essential, for your £ 5 a month, plus installation/activation, every channel out there is yours to choose from, and you pay for only the ones you want. In other words, what you keep is only what you shell out for.

This is a sponsored post.