Nate and I don't have a TV subscription because A) we're cheap and B) we don't want Some Boy surrounded by junk TV and commercials all the time. We selectively choose shows to stream online, order through Netflix, or buy boxed sets on DVD. We may be behind a season or two, but here's what we're digging right now. Just like The Emmys, here are our very own personal TV tops!

Top Mentally Unstable Character: Dexter

tv tops dexter

Beating out Monk‘s obsessive compulsive Adrian and Psych‘s eidetic Shawn, Dexter‘s lead character has an indescribable sociopathic charm that gets readers rooting for the bad guy. We just finished season five, and Dexter makes being bad look just as good as ever.

Top Drug Dealer: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

There's fierce competition in this category. Breaking Bad beats out Weeds and The Wire, telling the story of a terminally ill chemistry teacher who turns to the dark side in order to secure his family's financial future before he dies. Nate and I are currently on the third season of this unconventionally entertaining story.

Top Show About a Drinking Establishment: Cheers
Cheers is the show that was playing while I went into labor, so it'll always hold a special place in my heart…and my tortured, painful, being-ripped-to-pieces womb. The whole series is available to stream on Netflix.

Top Robot: Eureka
SARAH – the artificially-intelligent home of Sheriff Jack Carter – is the coolest piece of machinery since R2D2. Despite her occasional compulsion to hold the townspeople hostage, her intentions are good. Nate likes streaming this one when he's unwinding after work, and we've worked our way through two-and-a-half seasons.

Top Singing and Dancing: Glee

tv tops glee

That's right: singing AND dancing. Glee is the best of…well, everything. My number one favorite show, Glee has more glitz and glamour than a Liza Minnelli performance. We recently got the boxed set of the second season and it's even better than the first. To get you in the spirit for Halloween, here's my all-time favorite performance from Glee:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”404″][/youtube]

I've seen quite a few renditions of “Thriller,” and that is by far the best. Come to think of it, my ex-boyfriend in college actually cheated on me while choreographing a fraternity-sorority mashup performance to the song. True story.

Anywho, what are your personal TV tops? Any good shows we're missing out on?

Fox sent me a copy of their second season of Glee to review because I'm SUCH a ginormous fan. And by that I mean that my fanaticism is ginormous…not that I'M ginormous.