I'm not normally one to jump on the controversy-stirring bandwagon…BUT…have you seen the newest Twix commercial? I was watching TV the other day and this came on no less than four times before I finally switched to DVR so I could fast-forward through commercials:


The insinuation of this commercial is obvious. This guy “needs a moment” to mull over how he might explain to his girlfriend that another woman is sending him booty call texts. Enter Twix, which saves the day by giving him a little time to make up a clever story so his cheating ass can get out of hot water.

I don't watch much TV anymore so maybe this has become the norm. Maybe I'm living under a rock and missed some sort of sexual revolution in which committed relationships became openly mocked in favor of meaningless hook-ups with as many people as possible. Oh wait…that was the 60's, wasn't it?  Society in general has become immune to the hurt and anger caused by cheating. We use political infidelity scandals as fodder for Halloween costumes and we plaster people's pain all over the cover of our grocery store magazines.

I understand that the company is merely following what they think is the public's lead, but I'm tired of seeing advertising and entertainment brought down to the lowest moral denominator. It's not cool, or funny, or clever. I actually find it pretty disheartening.

What about you? Are you as disturbed by this Twix commercial as I am, or do you think I'm completely overreacting?