hotspot shield ambassador

Lately I've been getting a ton of messages from friends and family inquiring where I'm off to next. Right now I'm in Atlanta for Type A Conference, the world's top conference for digital moms and dads!

A-T-L, Georgia, what we do for ya

Being that this conference is all about digital life, I thought it appropriate to represent my phenomenal sponsor, Hotspot Shield. Hotspot Shield is a VPN service to secure your data over WiFi connections. Ever hop on a shady WiFi spot in public? Half the time you can't determine if these are legit public WiFi spots or just some creepy guy with a router (yeah Mr. “CableWiFi” or “xfinity” or “MyCatisPink,” I'm talking to you). And even if it is a legitimate service, you don't know who else is connected and prowling through trying to hack into your computer. Hotspot Shield solves that problem by encrypting your info. Best of all, they're interested in getting the word out through bloggers.

So if you're here and you see me running around with a shield shirt on, let's chat! And if you're not, tell me…do you have a Type A personality? If you're the kind of person who ALWAYS needs to be in control, check out Hotspot Shield for a solution to stay in control of your data on-the-go or at home.