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This whole recession thing is a big downer for a lot of reasons. People are losing their jobs and families are having a hard time. Politicians are going ALL kinds of crazy with the budget to win voters, and have you SEEN the price of gas? Nate and I definitely felt our share of recession fallout early on when we graduated into a “nobody is hiring so ya'll better just move on back in with your parents” economy. Welcome to adult life!

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However, I DO have a confession to make. A bad economy actually makes me slightly giddy about one thing: awesome furniture and household finds! Recessions are incredible times to find great deals on vintage things that people are trying to get rid of due to downsizing, needing extra cash, and generally becoming more aware of the ability to thrift. People stop going to the mall and stop buying new items, but that doesn't halt the cycle of goods. It simply creates more person-to-person exchange. If anything, it makes for a much greener nation. More green being kept in our pockets because we enjoy the savings of buying used items, and we get a friendler, greener environment because we're not constantly producing more waste with the development of new things and disposal of old items.

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When the economy is on the outs, vintage is in.

I personally use PennySaverUSA to hunt down most of my vintage finds because I enjoy the easy browsing experience, I always find quality products instead of cheap knock-offs, and PennySaverUSA tends to have fewer unsavory characters than some of the other resale sites. There are no “personal ads” cluttering up the interaction here, so you can get straight to the good stuff. I can search a broad area or drill down as much as I want, and it's easy to list my own items on PennySaverUSA for FREE! They also have a discounted premium ad placement package for just $18 (guaranteeing placement at the top of the listings and an American flag icon), to draw attention to items that deserve the spotlight.

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If you're looking to spruce up your home on a budget, check out PennySaverUSA's vintage classifieds! They even have a “Steals of the Week” blog dedicated to cool, vintage items and you just never know what sort of deals you'll find over there.

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My favorite vintage find recently was this neat ceramic canister set just like my grandma had when I was a kid. All four of them ran me $5. Total! Now that's where I keep all of my flour, sugar, brown sugar and coffee beans for easy access. What was your most recent vintage find?

This post is sponsored by PennySaverUSA. All opinions are my own.