Vintage Trouble

Like so many hipsters before me, I've often lamented the lack of good music on the radio nowadays. I was rather heartbroken over my break with the music scene in LA after I made my big move to San Diego. Our fine beach city has plenty of surfers, stoners and ska, but little in the way of true rock and roll or the folksy blues that I've come to love. LA is where my finicky music tastes were born, where I discovered indie favorites like Awolnation and little-known gem Princeton.


Fortunately, I still have plenty of good friends left in Los Angeles to keep me up-to-date on the pulse of the music scene. One of those friends turned me on to the downright stunning band Vintage Trouble (which was formed in Hollywood, of course, in 2010).

track list

I bought the Encore Edition of their CD, “The Bomb Shelter Sessions” on iTunes, and I'm so glad I snagged the bonus tracks. The lyrics to “Pelvis Pusher” crack me up, though it's really the deep-feeling words to songs like “Not Alright By Me” and “Nobody Told Me” that reeled me in.

nobody told me

What keeps me listening, however, are the dance-friendly beats and addictive choruses of their upbeat tracks like “Blues Hand Me Down” and “Like Total Strangers.”


With an average rating of five stars in iTunes, it seems Vintage Trouble has some die-hard fans out there. Which I don't find surprising at all.

other music

I actually like the band so much that I found myself getting sucked into the world of iTunes' suggested music, checking out everything that Vintage Trouble's fans bought (hey, these people have good taste…may as well take a cue from them). I love a lot of stuff on this list, including Edward Sharpe, Jack White, No Doubt and Ben Harper. I'll definitely be checking out some of the others to see what I've been missing.

Speaking of Vintage Trouble's fans…guess who else is a fan? Jay Leno! That's right. Vintage Trouble is performing on Leno on Tuesday night (January 15th) at 11:35 PM EST/10:35 PM CST. I'm so stoked, I'm heading over to watch it on Oma and Opa's big TV (after Oma and I catch up on The Bachelor, of course…it's kind of our weekly Tuesday night tradition). I can't wait! For more updates on Vintage Trouble's performances, check out the band on Twitter and Facebook.

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