vitamin angels

I like health. And I like kids. Healthy kids are pretty much a slam-dunk in my book. So get this: Vitamin Angels is helping improve the health and well-being of kids around the world with vitamins sold at Whole Foods. I buy my vitamins at Whole Foods all the time. They actually carry the special prenatal vitamin that I take, which is dang near impossible to find anywhere else. So I already feel good when I go pick up my vitamins (score, healthy me and healthy baby!) but now I can feel extra awesome because I'm improving the health of kids around the world, too.

vitamin angels

Here's how it works: An estimated 190 million children worldwide suffer from vitamin A deficiency, which can quickly lead to blindness and death. An astounding 1/3 of all childhood deaths are actually caused by under nutrition. Vitamin Angels is working to increase survival rates and make a real difference in children's lives by getting vitamin A to young, poverty-stricken children around the world and distributing prenatal vitamins to malnourished mothers early on in their pregnancies. The money for these initiatives comes from supplements sold at Whole Foods Market that are tagged with the Vitamin Angels logo. These companies donate a portion of sales or provide nutrients to the programs. You can make a difference by simply choosing to purchase vitamins that support Vitamin Angels.

The best part? All this effort is really working. Today, Vitamin Angels is reaching over 20 million children in more than 40 countries. In the next three years, Vitamin Angels will reach 50 million children. Within 10 years, they will reach 100 million children – the majority of children who are in need who no one else reaches.

Learn more: Check out and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also listen to a podcast with the founder of Vitamin Angels. To raise awareness of Vitamin Angels, Whole Foods Market will donate $1 for each comment in response to the Viva Vitamin Angels podcast in September.

This post is sponsored by Vitamin Angels and Whole Foods.