I was adventuring through Home Depot the other day when I came across these wall stickers called “Wall Pops.” I've seen wall stickers before but they're usually somewhat corny or kid-focused/Disney-themed and – seeing as how I don't have kids – not all that appealing to me. I mean, I love Ariel and all (who WOULDN'T give up their voice/family/appendages for that prince Eric guy, anyway? Priorities, people!) but I can only go so far with the Disney princess theme before Nate throws a fit and moves out. Anyway, these Wall Pops were surprisingly unlike wall stickers that I've seen before. They were actually classy and chic, and looked like they'd be an easy way to add some interest to an otherwise boring wall.

wall pops

Usually I'm all about the quick paint job to spruce up a room, but these wall stickers could be a life-saver in dorm rooms, apartments, or other places where you can't make any permanent modifications (unless you aren't too attached to your security deposit!).

wall pops

They even have nursery and kids-themed wall stickers so you can decorate like a pro without a drop cloth. How frickin cute is that? I want to have kids just so I have an excuse to stick chickens and horses all over the place.

wall pops dry erase

Until I do have kids, I suppose I'll have to settle for functionality over adorability (I know, that's not a word). Shown above are dry erase wall stickers – stuck right onto the wall to create a dry erase board without pins, nails or the hassle of actually having to deal with a board at all! Clever. But where will I hang my pen and eraser? And no, I don't know who Tom is or why he has a yard lounger as an office chair.

Wall Pops are available at Home Depot and Amazon. And for those of you who are curious – this post isn't sponsored by Wall Pops. Sometimes I just like to share the blog love.