In an effort to instill small personal details into the wedding, we decided to have shot glasses customized with our names and the date as favors for our guests. I collect shot glasses from every vacation I take (a habit that started, not surprisingly, during my college days) and Nate thought it would be a fun way to put a bit of my personality into things. I'm not sure exactly what that says about my personality, but here we are nonetheless!

favor shotglass

There is one problem, though: I simply can't find a favor box that fits the shot glasses. I know that this problem could easily be solved with favor bags, but for some reason I'm really set on boxes for the favors. I've seen table settings with both and I just think boxes look cuter. So I set out on a crazy mission to make my own favor boxes. I found a great pattern on Style Me Pretty with four different prints, and I used Photoshop to adjust the sizing and color for our wedding.

diy favor boxes

I'm using the standard generic cardstock from Michael's to print these out on our home printer. I've printed 30 in each print and plan on alternating them on the table (there's eight people per table so it works out perfectly for there to be two of each pattern per table).

bone folder wedding favor boxes

I then cut the printed patterns out and use a straight-edge and bone folder to create creases where the boxes need to be folded. Then I fold them and, finally, glue the edges together before inserting the favors with a decorative little piece of white tulle. It takes a long time. A really, really, really long time. So long, in fact, that when my terribly-behaved cat decided to pee on 50 of the cut-out patterns, I had a conniption fit and just about disowned the little bastard entirely.

cat favor box

But then I realized that things could be worse. He could have chosen to pee on the already-folded ones with the favors in them. That would have been a true disaster. And as bad as he is, I really love that bastard cat.