wedding registry advice

When Nate and I got engaged and went to register, it was a surprisingly daunting process. We didn't think to seek wedding registry advice and initially decided to get all of the fancy things that people traditionally register for. We marched ourselves straight into the most expensive store on the block and were promptly met with a snooty-seeming woman who threw out weird words like “cutlery” and “tajine.”

Have I mentioned that we were the first of all our friends to get married? We were totally lost.

be yourself

Finally, a friendly voice of reason offered some wedding registry advice that served us well throughout the planning process, our wedding, and our marriage as a whole: “Just be yourself, together.

That happens to be Target Registry's exact wedding motto. Go figure. There's a very good reason why I find myself in Target's aisle's on a weekly basis. They make things simple and they don't apply a bunch of pressure. Registering there was a completely different experience from some of the other places we tried. “Think about what you want, what you need,” said the friendly guy at the Target service counter, “and go from there.”

What I wanted? Was unconventional for sure. We got the typical home stuff that we hadn't already bought, but in addition to that we asked for camping gear, workout equipment, decor items, even gift cards! That's not to say we didn't get sucked into the occasional silly thing. Pilsner glasses? Really? Nobody in our home even drinks beer! But it was fun. Which is exactly what wedding planning should be.