We're starting a new weekly themed post focusing on items that we're using or currently have on our household wish list. A lot of these will be featured in an upcoming holiday gift guide…more on that later! This week I've been making making a concerted effort to focus on myself and my own health, beauty and well-being since (as most of you know), having a baby takes a BIT of a toll on your body! Here's what I'm using to beautify my life right now.

Braun Satin Hair

Braun Satin Hair Active Ion Brush
Ion blowdryers have been around for awhile, but those of us who choose not to blow dry our hair on a daily basis miss out on all that shiny ion goodness. The people over at Braun sent me their new Active Ion Brush to try out and I love it! It zaps frizz and smooths my hair without expensive gels or product (which is great, since Some Boy seems to think my hair is his newest teething toy and I don't want him ingesting all sorts of hair chemicals). Battery-operated, you simply flip a switch to turn it on and release ions directly into your hair.

Styli Style 24-Hour Eyeliner
This is my go-to eyeliner every single day. It doesn't budge, doesn't irritate my contacts and it costs less than $7. It's available at convenient stores like Rite Aid or on Amazon.

Advanced Whitening

Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster
I've had several friends ask me lately, “Are you whitening your teeth? They're so bright!” I love it when people notice these things without me bringing it up. That's how I know this stuff really works. I just squirt a little on top of my toothpaste every time I brush and it does all the whitening work without annoying strips or visits to the dentist. The best part? It costs about $5.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B boosts metabolism and mood, helps maintain healthy skin and hair and promotes cell growth to fight against anemia. With Some Boy still nursing round-the-clock, I need all the nutritional help I can get. I've also found that it helps me sleep more soundly.

I feel pretty. Oh SO pretty. It also helps that I've been eating really healthy and getting out to walk a lot with Some Boy. What beauty items are on your list?