I went to David's Bridal to get a dress for some special occasions we have coming up, seeing as how none of my pre-baby outfits fit me anymore. Dear Some Boy: Thanks so much for the extra 10 pounds that are relentlessly clinging to my hip region. I was totally set on getting a fancy, girly dress. “I will dress feminine, I will embrace the glitter and ruffles, I will choose bright colors!” I repeated my mantra as I arrived at the store.

weekly wants dress

And I came home with a simple black dress.

What? It shows off my legs! Since they're pretty much the only part of my body that emerged mostly unscathed from childbirth, I see no problem with flaunting them. I ended up choosing to go with something not-so-glitzy because, let's face it, I'm not really the “girly” type. I flew through a ton of sparkly, pretty dresses that just didn't feel me, and then the incredibly patient saleswoman pointed out these shoes.

oh my god shoes

Oh my God, shoes! These shoes rule (if you got the YouTube reference there, you also rule. If not, go Google “Oh my god shoes” STAT and behold the refined cultural awesomeness that you've somehow missed out on all these years. Warning: it's PG-13 so don't go Googling around the wee ones).

weekly wants shoes

I truly needed new dress shoes since my feet grew a half size during pregnancy. Not that I'm keeping track of the post-pregnancy fallout. Not. At. All. These are now my favorite pair of shoes in my entire closet. The best part about them is that the cute bow on the front is a clip that can be removed and placed anywhere – on the side, on the back, as an accent on the dress, etc.

weekly wants shoes

So I decided I needed an outfit that really draws attention to the shoes. Something simple and versatile. Ideally, something that doesn't squeeze my curves to death. Something comfortable. I'm all about the comfort. This drapey black piece is extremely forgiving and was less than $70. Score. Special thanks to the super-sweet saleswoman at David's Bridal who didn't once complain about my bizarrely inconsistent and hard-to-please shopping habits.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of David’s Bridal and received a gift certificate to facilitate my review.