Oh my gosh, guys. This little dude is crawling! He was doing the awkward inchworm for the longest time. I was starting to think he'd never actually pick his belly up and scoot those knees forward, but it's official. He can no longer be contained.

crawling baby

I've already noticed a difference in difficulty level when we're out and about. Neither kid wants to be kept in the stroller anymore. They just want to GO! EVERYWHERE! RIGHT NOW!

Superman statue

Last weekend I got to brave the town all by myself for the first time with my newly-crawling baby and toddler. We headed to Comic Con to visit Superman and hang with the DC Comics crew in celebration of their Scribblenauts Unmasked Adventure game!

Huggies local initiative

Then, we met up with our go-to on-the-go diaper brand Huggies at Fiesta del Sol, where they donated 100,000 diapers to the community through Project Concern. They even had a changing truck for parents needing a clean space to do a quick diaper swap.

Huggies Snug & Dry

I personally use Huggies Slip Ons for the kids on busy days like this. It was awesome to talk with Huggies reps one-on-one about our unique diaper needs with a toddler and active baby. They really listened to my feedback and offered helpful solutions to make life easier. They really “get” the lifestyle of the on-the-go parent, and they laughed knowingly when I told them I'd just done a trunk change with Sidekick. I'm not the only person who does this, am I? Yup, he's playing with Goldfish wrappers and I'm pretty sure that's a pile of clean diapers he's trying to munch on. At least…I hope they're clean.

But even in this awkward, wiggly trunk situation you can see that his Huggies Slips Ons are totally staying put! He has a major onesie wedgie but that diaper isn't going anywhere. Even when he hoists that little tush up into the air in his latest weirdo baby acrobatics, it doesn't budge.

Huggies wide sides

I think the real secret to these Huggies Slip Ons is the wide stretch sides. They come already closed so you pull them up onto your baby or toddler like underwear. Perfect for those quick trunk changes because you can't mess up the flaps, even if you're in a hurry.

toddler and baby diapers

I've never had one leak, which is totally key for avoiding meltdowns when we're going from lounging around the house to bopping about town at a moments' notice. Best of all: big brother wears them too, so you know they're the best for everyone from newly-crawling babies to rambunctious, spazzy little toddlers.