baby standing

Wow, it is just one milestone after another around here. I heard a weird wailing coming from the kids' room at nap time the other day and walked in there to find Sidekick, my little standing baby, freaking out as he hovered over his crib. He had figured out how to pull himself up and couldn't figure out how to unstand.

My Standing Baby

This baby cracks me up. He's such a grumper little dude sometimes, and seeing him standing there in total panic was just too cute. “Help, I'm standing and I can't get down!”

carter's crib shoes

With a little more practice, he did eventually get comfortable with the concept. To celebrate our little standing baby milestone, I bought him some adorable crib shoes from the Carter's Sly Little Guy Collection. I love Carter's for their easy-to-match, reasonably-priced baby boys clothes, accessories and complete outfits.

carter's baby hat

I decided he needed a hat, too. Being summer in San Diego, we spend a lot of time in the sun and I didn't have anything to cover this guy's head. Funny story: his head is actually in the 90-something-eth percentile. The doctors were so concerned about his giant head in the womb that they were planning to induce me early because they were worried I wouldn't be able to squeeze that sucker outta there. He wound up coming on his own so that sorted itself out. Nature knows best! I don't think his head looks particularly giant compared to the rest of his body…his feet are pretty big, though. Takes after his dad that way. Heh.

sweet mint

I've been eyeing the corresponding baby girl clothes, too. Don't get me wrong: I love those oxford shirts and hooded cardigans, but sometimes I long for sweetheart ruffles, pale pink colors and funky polka dots. If I ever have a girl, I'm heading straight to the nearest Carter's for this Sweet Mint outfit assortment.

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