We've now enjoyed all four seasons in our new house. This was our first West Coast summer as a family in a home that just may be the place we choose to spend the rest of our lives.

West Coast Summer Lifestyle


The last few months have been spent learning country life. We made weekly (and sometimes daily) treks to the feed shop. I got my hands dirty. I brought a dog back to life.

San Diego military convoy

The same San Diego sights that are always part of West Coast summer are still here. We're closer to the military base at Pendleton now, and the boys ooooh and aaaah at the jets overhead and the convoys on the freeway.

family at Balboa park

Sidekick rolled over! And then crawled. And then promptly pulled himself up to a stand. I do sometimes miss living as close to Balboa Park as we used to, but we get our fill of days around town and lazing on blankets in the warm sun. I reminisce about these same lawns where Some Boy took some of his first steps.

west coast summer sky

The summer sky here is truly a thing to behold. We have mandarin hues and blood-red clouds against an opal, emerald, golden backdrop.

family petting animals

We discovered our neighborhood. Nate and the boys and I spent days wandering along dirt roads and introducing ourselves to friendly couples, majestic horses and angry old birds.

homemade sauerkraut and Hebrew National hot dogs

I made homemade foods and gifts for friends. We cooked hot dogs, a favorite California summer pastime. We had more people than I can count come in and out of our house, which has now truly become a home.

What have you been doing the last few months? Cookouts, camping, exploring the town?