what we bought_handmade christmas present

As we come to the end of the winter holidays, inquiring minds inevitably ask what we bought for Christmas. Honestly, Nate and I rock this holiday. We both work really hard all year and during this season of giving, we reward ourselves. Nate always spends way too much on something I've been not-so-secretly desiring, and I either cater to his (extensive) wish list or come up with a clever gift he never knew he always wanted. This year was significantly more toned-down than years prior since we obliterated our savings account when we bought our new house, but it was still a ton of fun!

What We Bought for Christmas

handmade christmas present

The first movie we watched in our new home was the classic Turner and Hooch, and Nate commented that he's always wanted to have thumbprint art similar to what Turner has hung in his office. Duly noted! I crafted these with high-quality art frames and took our whole family's thumbprints under the guise of “another craft for the blog.” Naturally, Nate didn't question my latest crafty adventure and was totally surprised when he opened these on Christmas morning. They now hang in our entryway as the very first thing to greet visitors. Eager to do something similar with your own family? A full tutorial will be posted next week!

what we bought_books

Nate picked up a bunch of movies and books that have been on my list for awhile, all on sale and within the $100 limit I set for him. It's the first year he's actually stayed within our gift limits, and that's honestly all I wanted for Christmas: no credit card sting in January. Mission accomplished! I'm most excited for my new freezer meal books, as I've been trying to plan and prep our meals ahead more often. You can find these on Amazon and I highly recommend them for those interested in dabbling in freezer meals: Don't Panic, Dinner's in the Freezer and the second Don't Panic: More Dinner's in the Freezer and Fix, Freeze, Feast, which really breaks everything down well for beginners.

what we bought for christmas

Wondering what we bought for the kids? Absolutely nothing. I won this giant piano toy from FAO Schwartz at BlogHer last year and immediately stashed it away for Christmas. I knew Some Boy would be the perfect age for it at this point, and I was right. He doesn't exactly make what I'd call “music” yet, but he has a great time gleefully running and crawling and rolling around the big keys. I mean, what child wouldn't want their every move set to plinky, plucky little tones?

what we bought_kids toys

Sidekick got a kajillion new clothes and toys from relatives, so we didn't feel the need to add anything else to the pile. And while he may not enjoy it for another year or so, the piano thing really is for both boys. We figure they'll be getting a lot of “combo gifts” from us in the future, so we may as well get them used to the idea right off the bat. And at five weeks old, he really didn't seem to mind.

What do you think about what we bought? Has your family ever set gift limits for the holidays? Did you manage to stick to them?