what your phone says about you

Have you ever thought about what your phone says about you? When you get right down to it, a person's phone may be one of the quickest and easiest insights into their whole personality. Our phones rarely ever leave our side, and they're the first thing we turn to when we have a few spare minutes at the doctor's office or in line at the grocery store. And with the new Windows Phone 8, my phone has all my shortcuts with easy access to everything I love to spend my time on. It's no wonder that I think what your phone says about you…says a lot!

What Your Phone Says About You

what your phone says about you

This is my fully-customized home screen. Friends and family were totally shocked to learn that I jumped off the iPhone ship and got onboard the new Windows Phone 8 train (did I just mix metaphors?), but I'm all about convenience and time savings. My Windows phone lets me arrange the home screen with shortcuts to everything from apps to friends' profiles and websites, and I can use live tiles to get instant updates about things that are important to me. Here are all the apps and tools I use, from top to bottom and left to right:

  • Calling and messaging, of course. What's a phone without the typical phone functionalities?
  • OneNote, for grocery lists and notes to myself. Music. Mail. Alarms.
  • Facebook. Rowi, for Twitter. gMaps, for navigation. Internet Explorer.
  • Camera. Calendar.
  • Photos.
  • Phototastic, for creating collages to use on the blog. Fhotoroom, for resizing photos to use on the blog. Phone settings. Apps.
  • Someday I'll Learn shortcut, for easy access to the site. Feed Reader Free, to check up on my favorite writers.
  • WordPress, for blogging on-the-go. Pinspiration. Yelp, for local favorites. SBux card, so I earn points when I get my lattes.
  • PayPal. Chase website shortcut for on-the-go banking. Flixster, for movie times. Amazon.
  • YouTube. Graffiti Radio, for playing my Pandora stations. Shazam, for tagging music I like.

Phew. That's a lot of functionality packed onto one screen.

So it seems that I have a ton of photo apps, some local faves, blogging stuff and a little music (which is no surprise, seeing as how my phone has Beats Audio that ROCKS…I turn this thing up and people around are always shocked at the sound depth I get out of a tiny phone). My phone is truly a very accurate reflection of me: a photo-obsessed blogger who likes to get out and about with her family and loves a good jam now and then. How about what your phone says about you?

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