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I've talked a lot about buying used baby clothes to help save money and reduce that bank account shock factor when you bring home your little bundle of joy. One of the biggest expenses for kids is their clothes. They grow constantly and I swear, their outfits cost more than mine do!

Back when my friend Kate was pregnant, she was put on bed rest and found herself perusing eBay for used baby clothes (I'm sure all of us moms have been there, haven't we?). The trouble with eBay, however, is that you never know quite what to expect. Will the clothes be from a smoke-free home? Will they have pet hair or stains on them? I love consignment stores for their low-cost hand-picked selection, but it seems like the internet has been lacking a good equivalent. So Kate stepped up and created Baby Outfitter!


How adorable is that? Baby Outfitter is the online destination for new and gently used kid's clothing (up to about age 4), along with toys, books and accessories. I've gotten Some Boy some adorable loafers on the site that were like new, along with some cute books and DVDs to keep him entertained. It really does seem silly to spend a ton of money on new items for kids when they only fit for a short time, and I'm happy to be able to share a fantastic resource like Baby Outfitter.

As usual, I like my readers to see the person behind a company…especially when that person is as beautiful, talented and wonderful as my friend Kate!

kate from baby outfitter

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm a work in progress. A mother of five. A wife to an incredibly patient, supportive and amazing man. I am constantly in a state of “I need to be doing.” I work hard to balance my home life and business, as most working moms do. I enjoy helping others and I love shopping. So, this business allows me to do both.

You have quite the selection! Where the heck do you store it?
Yes, we have a huge inventory. We have amassed a gigantic stockpile of items ready to be entered as well. Fortunately, storage isn't a problem. This past May, I moved from my small office warehouse (about 1300sf) in San Juan Capistrano, CA to a BEAUTIFUL two story office and warehouse location literally across the street. It is about 4,000 sf and we couldn't be happier. We have a location that supports so much more than the previous location and it looks GORGEOUS if I do say so myself.

BabyOutfitter has seriously adorable stuff. Are you ever tempted to keep it all for your own kids?
Great question. Yes, I am tempted to keep things for my kids. After all I do have five. But, the process goes so quickly, I will often not catch things until I am shipping an order and I see something perfect for one of my kids and think, “Darn! Why didn't I see that?” But, in actuality I don't handle the items in mid-process. I hand select each item and then my team cleans it, prepares it for photoing and enters the items. I often forget what I bought because I typically buy in bulk.

What has been your biggest challenge going into business, and how did you overcome it?
Hands down the biggest challenge has been balancing work and home. My oldest is 16, just got his license – prayers welcome – and my youngest is not quite two. I have one in high school, one in junior high and two in elementary. My hands are full just with that. But I have a passion for this business. I have a need to help families gain access to quality clothing at prices that are fair and they can afford. I am doing my part by recycling these totally useable items (we sell more than just clothing), supporting their extended use and avoiding additional landfill contribution. Some days it's a huge struggle…other days I have no complaints. I may just get to work and school will call…someone's hurt or sick. But, that's life. I say my prayers and I forge ahead.

Want to learn more about Kate? Check out her new blog, Kate in Progress.

baby outfitter

And because she's SO super-duper fantastic, Kate has created a special offer for our readers! You can get free shipping at Baby Outfitter through March 31st with code SOMEDAY (all in caps). What are you waiting for? Go nab some deals for your kiddos!