why go organic

Since having Some Boy, I've been way more health conscious than ever before. Not just for myself, but for my family as a whole. We go walking together frequently and we try to do as many outdoor activities as possible. We've even started buying organic food (and growing it, too – that little carrot above is freshly plucked from our garden!). I don't want a bunch of pesticides and chemicals building up in my little guy's system. I know it sounds odd, but I never gave much thought to all of that until I had a kid. As Nate says, Some Boy made me “go all hippie and stuff.” My son is the reason I frequently choose to go organic. Here are a few more reasons:

i love organic

Sustainability. Organic farming conserves water and helps keep our delicate ecosystem in balance. Farmers who choose the organic route respond to the needs of nature by developing crops as they were meant to be grown in rotation and in rows, as opposed to just soaking them all in chemicals to make nature cooperate with our needs. This way of farming al helps create good, strong soil that is more supportive to future crops.

Health. The chemicals in pesticides are linked to cancer and other diseases, and those chemicals poison even more than our food. They get down into the earth and the air, affecting all of us in the long run.

It just tastes better. Organic food just has that “fresh from the garden” taste about it. Probably because it has to be pretty fresh, without a bunch of pesticides keeping it preserved.

Local economy. Buying organic supports people in our own community. You get the freshest produce available and support your neighborhood in the process.


One of my favorite lines of organic food here in California is organicgirl. And they're at one of my favorite grocery stores, Vons! I make a ton of recipes with baby spinach and theirs is hands-down the best I've found. One of the things I really like about the company is that they wash their greens three times before packaging, so I know I'm getting good clean greens. And, they're packaged in 100% recycled plastic, so I'm not hurting the environment in my attempt to be kind to my body. The company is also fanatic about freshness, and work hard to get their veggies to the store (and to you!) as quickly as possible. I also love that the company actually responds to feedback and cares what their customers think. Afterall, the company is made up of a small group of men and women in the Salinas Valley who are passionate about health, just like we are.

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