wind down time

Some Boy and I have been a little bit spoiled having Nate around during the day a lot, but recently he's been working pretty late and the little man and I are left to our own devices. We've gotten into sort of a groove of our own that goes something like this: wake up, breakfast, play time, nap time (mom's work time), lunch, errands, possibly another little nap before more playing and finally, some wind down time before Nate gets home for a late dinner and bed. Every single day. My favorite part of the day (before Nate gets here, of course) is that brief wind down time when Some Boy's all tuckered out and we just veg a little bit together.

wind down time

I get to have my afternoon sweet tea (chai in the wintertime). I've been using these adorable ChalkTalk Chalkboard mugs lately, which let me write cute little notes in chalk to…uhhh…myself. If Nate and I were the quaint everyday morning coffee type of people, I'm sure it would be an even more adorable ritual. As it is, I totally entertain myself with my doodles.

wind down time snack

Uncle Brian's usually home by mid-afternoon, so he gets a snack while he catches up on some Netflix during wind down time. Lay's Kettle chips are a favorite. I've been adding these colorful fiesta bowls into our collection, slowly but surely, to spice up our white porcelain basics.

wind down time with Uncle Brian

Some Boy and Uncle Brian are buds. He's amazingly good with kids, especially considering he doesn't have any of his own, or a girlfriend to speak of for that matter. That's right, ladies! Yes, I do get asked all the dang time if he's available.

wind down time on the couch
“Stop stealing my food, kid. I'm pretty sure this stuff isn't toddler-friendly.”
wind down time with some TV
“Whatever. Let's watch some NASCAR. You see, the key here is in the left turns.”