Back in our new house tour, I showed you all the massive list of home updates we were taking on. The big changes were easy to point out right off the bat: new paint, walls being knocked down, furniture, etc. But what I really love and truly excel at is the nuances of a home. Things like window decor can change the feel of an entire room. Back when my mom was studying interior design I used to hear her tell clients that one of the quickest and least expensive updates they could make to a room was in the window decor.

baby with blinds

The window decor in our living room was atrocious when we moved in, and got progressively worse with two rambunctious kids who liked to pull on them. These pleated shades had started fraying on the sides and coming unattached from the hardware. I finally called on Blindsgalore (a company that happens to be one of my old employers from my marketing days!) and asked them for a window decor intervention.

Our Window Decor Revamp

installing new window treatments

Knowing how knowledgeable the customer service experts are at Blindsgalore, I gave them a call and explained my situation: we were facing a hugely wide window against an oddly peachy wall. I needed something child-safe – so dangly cords and delicate slats were out – and neutral in design, as I have a feeling this room will go through several iterations before we land on our final look. Mary was incredibly helpful. She sent out a ton of sample fabrics for us to look at, including a wide variety of options to ensure that we'd find our match. When it was time to order, she walked me through the measurement process and explained window intricacies that I never would have known, like that it's key to make the edges of the shade line up with the edge of each window pane as opposed to straddling a solid line. I also deferred to her on what sort of header I'd want (matching fabric, thank you very much!).

window treatment shipping

The instructions and helpful videos from Blindsgalore's site made installation a breeze. We landed on a gorgeous set of Bali Plume Roman Shades in Branch, and I was really impressed with the packaging. Each roman shade loop had a special insert to make sure it didn't flatten out during shipping so everything arrived to us ready to go in perfect condition.

cordless roman shades

We went with a patterned look, wanting to really embrace the idea of window decor with an upscale feel.

room with new roman shades

The coolest part of all? These bad boys don't have any scary cords hanging around for my kids to use as their impromptu rope swing. Take a look.

Yeah, we sit around operating our shades for fun now. Entertainment in the Day household is brought to you by our window decor.

window decor update

I'd say it really does change the feel of the room. The living room suddenly feels put-together. Finished. Finally, we can check one off the list!

Designer tip: update window treatments to give a room a new feel

Have you ever updated your window decor? What's your favorite quick tip to change the look of a room?