winnie the pooh

I love when I can share toys and experiences from my own childhood with Some Boy. I read him the same stories that I enjoyed, we watch my favorite kid movie from back in the day (The Little Mermaid, in case you're wondering) and he's totally going to play with troll dolls when he's old enough. Winnie the Pooh is another time-honored tradition that parents pass down to kids. Most of us had the traditional boxed book sets. Many of us watched Pooh and Piglet on TV. Now, kids can enjoy the movies at home.

Disney is releasing Winnie the Pooh on Blu-ray in a combo pack with a DVD and Movie Download so children can enjoy tales from the hundred acre woods in a variety of new, high-tech ways. They're also offering all sorts of cool online and offline activity ideas so you can get your kids excited about things like tea time treats, Pooh puzzles and printable masks. I like to limit Some Boy's TV time, so any entertainment that actually encourages real-life engagement is a win in my book.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Walt Disney Pictures. All opinions are my own.