This warm winter and dry air has done a major number on me. Dehydrated skin coupled with windy days and low humidity has left me ashy and dull.

Rather than pay for a facial or skin treatment, I’d like to bring home a useful treat for my skin that will last weeks instead of days. Something that won’t dry out my normal-to-oily skin, something that will feel like a treat (because some days washing my face seems like it!) and something that I know is GOOD for me too.

This is why the Whole Foods 3 Day Facial Care Sale has perfect timing.


The Whole Foods 3 Day Facial Care Sale is this February 7-9. You can pick up facial cleaners, eye creams, toners, moisturizers or scrubs and top it off with masks or serums to add a touch of luxury to your daily regime or stock up on favorites you already have!

Whole Foods has stuff for every skin type and age and has amazing standards.  ( for their products. They focus on offering fragrant, effective and indulgent products that are not tested in animals with a preference for minimally process products with plant extracts and natural ingredients.


In other words, their products feed the skin as well as the food does.

Right now I’m looking at a whole new way to end my day with Earth Science Clarifying Facial Wash, which would remove the daily dirt, oil, drool and smears from grubby hands off my face without drying my skin. (Making sure to wash my face at night means I can just splash some water on my face in the morning and be ready for preschool drop off!)

Mychelle Perfect C Serum could help protect against more photo damage from my sunny days as well as adding Vitamin C and antioxidants to my often makeup-free face.

And those rare occasions when I can slip away for a bit?  Pangaea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Facial Mask would be an amazing treat and would help slough off the dead skin that comes with sleepless nights.

So, this weekend you can go to your local Whole Foods market and find great facial products at an awesome price!

Note that the sale does NOT include lip balms and makeup. The February 7-9, 2014 sale applies to stores in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.

What are your facial care essentials for winter skin?