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official blogger business

After posting recently about our blog officially becoming a business, I got a lot of questions from readers.

How long did it take you to get your finances together?

Who manages the family money, you or Nate?

Who wears the pants in this relationship, anyway?

It's cool, I'm always happy to answer questions from nosy curious readers about women and money and whatever other hot-button issues come up. In our house, I take care of day-to-day financial management. Nate has the final say on the direction of our savings and large purchases. He's like the CEO of our family, while I'm the CFO. He makes bold declarations about where this ship is going and I tell him how to get his ducks in a row or if he's juggling too many balls. Wow, that's a lot of mixed metaphors in one sentence. Shall I add in that money is like baseball? No?

Women and money get better with age

Women and Money: A Timely Evolution

I read an article the other day about how women become better with money as they age. Reading up on women and money, it occurred to me that my financial capability has directly paralleled my own maturity throughout my life.

  • In high school, I didn't focus on anything but the current moment in time. I was self-indulgent, and money I acquired stayed in my pocket for approximately the length of time it took me to drive to the mall.
  • In college, I was still kind of a flake. Much like me, my money would stick around briefly and then disappear without much logic or explanation.
  • I got married and started planning for the future, but I needed to formulate a plan before I'd really see any success. Cash was haphazardly stashed in a money market account until I could figure out a better solution.
  • The kids came along. I developed an understanding that life is short and it's important to work smarter – not harder! We started making plans to maximize the success of every resource our family had available to us.

We've been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with incredibly talented and knowledgeable financial planners. Right now, we're working on a campaign with Genworth  to continue taking control of our money, plan for retirement, get our life insurance in order and figure out why the heck we spend SO much on mortgage insurance! If you're dealing with similar issues, check out their awesome planning resources for women and money. I can assure that men will also find some useful info over there, too.

So now it's your turn: who manages the finances in YOUR household?