I'm working with MasterCard and Stand Up to Cancer on their Dig In & Do Good initiative today to help out with a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

contemplating toddler

A little while ago, we received some heart-wrenching news. One of Some Boy's playmates has childhood cancer.

“Childhood cancer.” The phrase hits you like a brick. When I first found out, I felt…numb. A concept that cold just can't be reconciled with the youthful innocence of a baby's belly laugh. Those words don't make sense together. This little girl hadn't yet reached her first birthday, and her parents had to question if she'd ever see her second. I'm not sharing photos of our dear friend, as I feel her family deserves peace and respect and – more than anything – simple prayers right now.

The Chuck Norris of burgers can help cure cancer

Suddenly, all these cancer fundraising initiatives stand out to me. It's always felt like such an overwhelming problem. One that's far too big for a single person. What can I possibly do in the face of an epidemic? But when cancer creeps in close to home, as it sadly does for more and more people every year, loved ones feel a need to take action. I find myself tossing coins into those charity buckets, donating  points and miles and seeking out companies that give back. Every little bit helps, they say, and I've been surprised at the ways I can make a difference just by continuing my regular routines with an awareness of where opportunities lie.

Do Good

Right now there's an incredible opportunity to “Dig In & Do Good.” Pay for any meal over $10 at any restaurant with your MasterCard card between July 12th and September 28th and MasterCard will make a donation to Stand Up To Cancer, up to a total of $4,000,000. Pay for a meal with MasterCard PayPass and they'll double the donation. Show your support by visiting mastercard.com/dogood to book a table and invite friends to dine out with you, spread the word on social media or donate directly with a tweet.

What I love most about MasterCard's initiative is that it's supporting Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C), a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives NOW. My biggest hesitation when it comes to donating is trying to discern where I can make the biggest impact. I don't want to give money to antiquated processes or somewhere it'll get lost in bureaucracy. SU2C is committed to progressive methods that can save lives today.

expensive receipt

So next time you go out for a regular meal with the family or one of those special occasions where you spend way too much, grab your MasterCard to make it count. When you're going about your everyday business and it's really that simple, why NOT make a difference?