Nate's working like crazy next week so we're doing a mini Father's Day celebration early. This was the scene from our campsite today, which pretty much sums up life for us lately.

Father's day gift

Work and play converging in a big, messy display with the whole family in tow.

Father's day gift

I've been working with Intel to promote their Intel All in Ones and they sent me this AMAZING Lenovo 2S. I am in love with this thing. The 19.5″ touchscreen basically serves as a giant tablet, but it couples with a lightweight keyboard and mouse for more computer-y things like photo-editing and word processing. The screen is kind of matte which performs well for us outdoors and – based on previous experience – I know that scratches won't show as much on it as on glossy screens.

It's basically a busy blogger's technology dream.

But Nate totally highjacked it. The minute he discovered how well it fits in with our on-the-go life, he was like, “Swoop! Mine!” and I haven't gotten to play with it since.

Father's day gift

I can kind of understand, though, because his office currently looks like this. Remember that work-play convergence I told you about earlier? It takes a toll on our home life. One room inevitably becomes the “I can't deal with it right now” space. Currently it's Nate's office, where all the boxes land from online ordering and grocery shopping because I can't even find time to make it to the store.

I also can't find time to compact these boxes and take them to the recycling bin, which is right out that back door there.

So in honor of Father's Day, I'm letting Nate take over a bit of my technology. He's actually a major help in getting on top of the endless list of stuff that inevitably piles up this time of year.

Father's day gift

So we can do less of this.

Father's day gift

And more of this.

Which is kind of the whole point.

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