How did this happen? Where did the time go? And who drank all the eggnog already?

If you haven't sent holiday cards out yet (perhaps you were contemplating skipping the whole holiday card thing and have since changed your mind as your friends' and families' cards have begun accumulating on your counter? I understand, I've been there) it's not too late for the ever-popular New Years card. Or better yet, the e-card: save on postage AND transit time while saving the environment! If you choose this route, I'm always a fan of the humorous card. I get enough sappy forwards. Give me something that'll make me laugh.

A particularly good option for anyone short on time, cash, or both is the Merry Newsinator. Enter pertinent details about yourself and the website will automatically generate a “holiday brag letter” just for you. I already sent out hastily-signed holiday cards, but here's my brag letter for your enjoyment:

Holiday card

Not a werewolf fan? Not amused by the ballon boy hoax? All that stuff can be personalized, as well as the colors and other details. Check it out at