If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet.

What to see at SeaWorld San Diego with Little Kids

SeaWorld San Diego with Little Kidsvideo
With SeaWorld San Diego opening a ton of rides and educational shows in recent years, I've had some visitors ask if it's an appropriate spot to take kids who aren't tall enough or won't necessarily sit still for a presentation. I always encourage these people to go see the many displays and hands-on experiences available at the park. More often than not, I wind up playing tour guide because I'm so enthusiastic about the incredible learning opportunities that are available here! Here's a look at what OUR family does at SeaWorld with four boys ages 6, 4, 2 and 9 months.

Big Falls, a Big Bear and this Great Big Life

Big Falls in Big Bear
I was camping with some friends up at Tahquitz the other day and decided to go exploring. We'd already checked out Jenks Lake and Big Bear Lake as well as some of the creeks surrounding the area, so I set my sights on our next hiking destination: Big Falls.

Oh-so-Walkable Downtown LA with Kids

Downtown LA with kids
I've shared before that Downtown LA didn't have a particularly awesome reputation when Nate and I lived in Westwood 15 years ago. It absolutely delights me that the area has seen such a massive uptick in development of family-friendly spots, from the installation of LA Live to the resurgence of Grand Central Market. It's become one of our go-to spots for mini getaways and every time we go, I come back with a list of newly-discovered sights that I want to explore the next time we visit. The constantly-evolving nature of this historical area is fascinating, and the sentimental side of me thrills to see my kids exploring intricate pockets of the city where our family was founded.

Catching Fish and Memories in the Eastern Sierra

Fishing in the Eastern Sierrasvideo
There is a whisper in the trees. A soft song that comes and goes as faithfully as the wind, emanating from the needles of pines. It is the hum of Mother Nature, quietly reassuring anyone who listens that she is there and she is in control. If you do choose to listen, you can hear just how vast and grand the world is. You can hear time itself blowing by. In these moments, you might find a certain peace in your insignificance.

Road tripping with the Family Through Colorado

What to buy at the gas station
I have some version of this conversation with a reader or sponsor at least once a week. "I like that your blog isn't really pretty," they say. Then they look a bit embarrassed and quickly catch themselves. "I mean, it's not overly-curated. You know, not all polished and Photoshopped like some others."

The Quintessential Casual California Day in Goleta

Go Goleta CAvideo
One thing I really love about California is that there are so many places that are perfect for an impromptu weekend trip. The laid-back style here means you can come as you are just about anywhere. Even if you don't have detailed plans, the scenery always lends itself to perfect memory-making.We recently partnered up with Go Goleta to...

5 Tips for Fishing with Kids

Fishing with kids
As I grow older, I really get the sense there are no guarantees in this world. The markets, employment, housing bubbles, and so on. Well, I suppose traffic in southern California is something you can always count on. That runs like clockwork! So many other things, though, don’t go as planned. I guess this is where the old adage comes in, "It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters."

10 Tips for Renting a Car in Unfamiliar Territory

Renting a car
Chelsea and I recently flew with the kids across the country to Orlando for a conference and some much-needed vacation time. We waited until just days before takeoff to book our car rental, so we wound up getting the very last 7-seater in Orlando from a sketchy-looking off-airport spot that had a shag sofa in their waiting room.

24 Hours in South Lake Tahoe (with kids!)

South Lake Tahoevideo
South Lake Tahoe is often thought of as 'the side with the casinos,' but we've spent a lot of time there as a family and always had a blast without spending a dime on a slot machine! We love South Lake Tahoe's laid-back vibe, adventurous activities and drool-worthy food. Here's a look at all the action you can fit into a single day on the south side.