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Cheap date nights ideas

41 Free or Cheap Date Ideas

It can be a challenge to figure out date ideas with on a budget – especially with kids, pets, work and a home constantly demanding attention. But it’s always important to prioritize your own relationship. Here are some cheap date ideas to help!

Dad sitting at kitchen table

Family Business Money Matters (How to Responsibly Quit your Day Job)

Last year we bought an RV and Nate quit his day job, prompting a bunch of people to ask if we were ditching the traditional American dream altogether. Nope! We love the comfort of home AND we love to travel. But the big question is paying for it all. Today we’re sharing what we’ve learned, and how we manage our family business while keeping an eye on finances and retirement.

Family Finance for a Beautiful Way of Life

Chelsea and I have worked hard over the last decade to build our family. After getting married, we set out having kids straight away. Chelsea was building a career in marketing and I was struggling to find my own footing in the job market. Family finances weren’t always easy.

Store Brand Formula and Other Mom Hacks

Are you expecting a baby? Looking to maximize your time, money and efforts? We’ve got all the best mom hacks, including money-saving tips like using Store Brand Formula and sanity-conserving efforts like keeping an extra binky on hand at all times. Read on, friend, to make this new mom stuff a total breeze.

Save money by acting like a child

How we Save Money by Acting like Children

Friends and family often ask us how we can afford to travel so much. I usually give them the simple explanation that, in most regards, I’m cheap! I scrimp on many things in order to have money for adventures.

There’s more to it than that, though.