Self care ideas

30 Self-Care Ideas that take 30 Minutes or Less

Welp, we’ve done it. Nate and I have taken all our self care ideas and put them into actual action. We sold our big, fancy California house in favor of a quieter life in Idaho. We spend numerous days camping, lounging in the sun and alternately hitting the slopes – depending on the season. We’re living proof that big changes can come from clear goals and small, repeated actions.

What to know about dog health

Dog Health Info you Should Know

Throughout our collective lives, Nate and I have raised and trained a LOT of animals. Dogs in particular. Farm dogs, family dogs and even service dogs of various breeds and shapes and sizes. So we know a lot about dog health stuff, and we’re here to pass that knowledge on.

Keep Kids Busy

Carve out a little me time

Ready to hit the road?

Here's what you need to know.

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