How to make a paver walkway with stihl cut off machine battery powered tsa 230

How to Make a Paver Walkway

Do you have an older home with a paver pathway that’s too small, outdated, or just not functioning well? Here’s how to easily upgrade for something far more pragmatic and aesthetically appealing! Don’t get stuck with someone else’s plan. Come watch as I figure out how to make a paver walkway!

41 Free or Cheap Date Ideas

Cheap date nights ideas

It can be a challenge to figure out date ideas with on a budget – especially with kids, pets, work and a home constantly demanding attention. But it's always important to prioritize your own relationship. Here are some cheap date ideas to help!

10 Secrets to Packing for Kids

Secrets you should know when packing for kids.

We're getting ready for our next trip, as usual. Before we leave I always designate a large chunk of an afternoon as “packing day.” Packing for kids does indeed take up the better part of a day because, well, there are kids involved! If I'm being totally honest, it would be easier not to have the boys help pack for themselves. This goes SO much faster when I can just sort through a bunch of their stuff, shove it in a bag and call it a day. However, I insist on getting them hands-on with the process so that they can become self-sufficient little dudes. Plus,…

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