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The Instant Gratification of Work

Change is not something that comes easily to all of us. Change causes us to be uncomfortable and to feel uneasy. We are not often without discomfort in life, though. One of the many things that make us uncomfortable is the realization that nothing lasts forever. Our universe is ever folding, from in to out, out to in, like dough under the constant kneading and pressure of the baker's knuckles. Time, while relative, still follows along like a metronome. This holds true from the magnificent cosmos to the blades of grass growing in my field. It applies to everything from the physical to our very ideas and thoughts.

A Do-It-Yourself Country Spa

A do-it-yourself country spa
I was given two options. Basil...or lavender.The kids were off with Oma and Opa and Chelsea and I were determined to spend an afternoon doing absolutely nothing. Literally, the only item on her usually-endless list of things to accomplish were the words, "take a bath."

Picking White Paint

Picking White Paint
You guys, my eyeballs are crossing. I've been staring at WAY too many white paint swatches. Who knew this final step could be so hard?

A Better Way to Buy or Sell a House

A better way to buy or sell a house
As work-from home contractors, Nate and I live in this weird world where our business and our home lives constantly collide. Even more so lately, now that we're spending a considerable amount of time working on and talking about our home renovations.Can I share...

8 Diverse Beginner Interior Design Books

Best beginner design books
I'm still wrapping up renovations on the house and starting to realize I don't know what to put back now that I've taken everything away. Blank shelves line perfectly-colored walls and my minimalist artwork is needing a few corresponding accents. I learned a thing...

Coastal Dixie Charm

2017 HGTV Dream Home remodel
I just got back from a whirlwind couple of days in St. Simons Island, Georgia.The trees were tall, the people were friendly and the southern style was laid-back and leisurely.I had the phenomenal opportunity to tour the 2017 HGTV Dream Home with our sponsor HGTV (you know...

Fifty Shades the Same

Should shades be the same throughout sections of a house?
We are in full Marie Kondo-style purge mode over here as we approach the new year. While we were ripping out walls and patching stuff up in the living room, we went ahead and closed up the useless jack-and-jill doorway that led from the kids' playroom...

Seamless Integration

I can faintly hear the clip and clop of my pridefully-chosen designer leather boots on the polished concrete as I make my way through the organized chaos. The rhythmic cacophony of man, machine and robot working together like a technological ballet brought together by...

We Only Have Four Hands

Showing the toddler that we have all the answers to his questions with Google Home
Chelsea and I made what some might call a ridiculous choice to have four children.We honestly must not have been thinking when we got started on this path because surely a sane or rational person would have done the math quickly. Four. That’s how many hands Chelsea...

Home Decor for the Holidays

Home decor for the holidays (with TWO Christmas trees and a couple main accessory picks that can be used all year long).
Now that our living room renovation is complete, it's time to accessorize! And since the holidays are here, we figured we'd keep it festive with lots of red and reindeer.Red is actually one of our home's accent colors, and awhile back Nate suggested a deer...