About our Family Blog

Welcome to our little family blog! Email us at thedays@somedayilllearn.com with any questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please click here for PR and advertising information.

About the Day Family

I'm Chelsea. That's my husband, Nate. After graduating from college, we got engaged, settled down and quickly discovered that domestic bliss requires a whole host of stuff they didn't teach at UCLA. We're on a mission to inform and inspire others.

On Someday I'll Learn, we share adventurous activities that inspire families to put themselves first. Nate offers up hands-on fatherhood and a forthright approach to life's challenges. Chelsea adds color with creative how-tos and commentary about rugged living in a modern era. The blog culminates in a he-said-she-said humorous journal that documents our daily exploits.

We believe that life doesn't have to be lived on anyone's terms but your own, and even the smallest moments can hold BIG life lessons.

Dad and Some Boy

Fast Facts

  • Age: Early 30's
  • Location: We have a farmhouse in the rural hills between San Diego and Los Angeles. We also travel a LOT.
  • Job: Nate is a photographer and first responder in the public safety field. Chelsea is in marketing. Together, we also run the Millennial Blogs agency. We don't sleep a whole lot.
  • Our kids: Some Boy (April 2011), Sidekick (November 2012), Minion (December 2014), Bam (November 2016).
  • Pets: A German Shepherd name Kraken, a terrier named Bjorne, a crazy black cat named Ajax, a fluffy Tabby named Ulysses and a whole flock of unnamed backyard chickens. Also, some goats and sheep who think that they're dogs.

Mom and the kids

On weekends, you'll often find us working on our old fixer-upper home, where the lights and hot water sporadically stop working. It keeps us on our toes! We also spend a ton of time adventuring in our converted military trailer, broadening our children's world view. In 2015, our baby almost died of RSV. That experience caused us to hone in the focus of our lives, maximizing efficiencies to use our time here as well as possible. We've become slight organization nerds who geek out about things like geeky home apps and community swap groups.

We cook from scratch, babywear and hunt.

Just usually not at the same time.

Kraken in the truck

We are the Day family, and we thank you for being here.