Adventurous Gifts for a Traveling Dad

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Oh, have the times changed! Nowadays, men are allowed to be more expressive. They can share their true thoughts and aren't expected to bottle up how they feel. They also aren't expected to live a life of solitude or to want to have guys night anymore. Or go ‘bowling with the fellas.'

Father and sons walking together

Fortunately for me, I got to become a father in this new day and age. Of course, I am big on travel both far and near and have become well adept in it as an exercise. I love traveling, the boys love it, and Chelsea definitely loves it. It's a great way to see new parts of where you live regionally or to really stretch your horizon further and further. You can meet new people, see new sights, and – as I especially like to do – taste new foods. I have traveling in our adventuremobile down to a science.

truck loaded for roadtrip

This Father's Day, I'm going to be doing something I want to do. No fear of grossly designed ties, unnecessary mugs, soap on a roap, or boring golf gear. I mean, golf gear would have been a waste on me anyway. This year, I got three things that helped me spend Father's Day just the way I wanted to. With my boys. And this year, I'm getting this done by going through

Cornhole Game

First up on the order of business was an outdoor game to play. Nothing makes spending time together better than a classic yard game. Lawn darts have been made essentially illegal in our household since we've learned that they're SUPER not safe, so I went with another classic. Cornhole! Ever since I was a kid, I can remember going to Sears with my brother and father whenever we needed to get stuff done around the house. There was also the added bonus of being able to stop by the toy section to pick out something special.

Now, with everything being available online, I can pick up something special for the family from the comfort of my kitchen table wearing nothing but my…I was fully dressed.

Um, yeah, all my clothes.

Ice Chest at sunset

As I make my plans to take the boys on a short day trip to hang out together, another demand come to mind. Drinks. You have to have drinks when you hang out with the boys! Of course, my boys are all under seven years old so by drinks I mean the likes of vanilla cream and orange cream soda. I picked up a nice Coleman cooler with wheels to make the boys pull along…because that's their job. As my dad used to say when I was a little kid, “Mom and I had you and your brother so someone would do the chores.”

He was only half kidding.

Man reaching for thermos

Last but not least, I picked up a Brentwood stainless steel thermos. Why? Because four boys means I need coffee. Coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening, coffee at night. Coffee all the time.

Man pooring coffee

Thanks to parents, coffee investors made their millions. It is just another delicious way I like to boost my time with the boys. I seem to need a boost now just to keep up with them, and this is a solid addition for any road tripper.

People playing cornhole

With my little boys, I enjoyed trying to teach them the rules to cornhole. The best part of having boys this young is the less than five minutes it takes to watch them go from playing “cornhole” to “peg your brother with a bean bag” and “throw the bean bags off the hill.” Again, this is why I need coffee. Eventually, we rallied for a few more minutes before playing yet another classic game of “how many bean bags can dad catch at once?”

dad giving sons soda

With that, we took our break and enjoyed the type of sunset that only Southern California has to offer. A bottle of Orange Cream soda for each of the boys (baby excluded as he isn't soda drinking age yet and he knows I will card him). We all sit back and watch that billion year old burning ball of hydrogen sink down into the horizon.

Boys Drinking orange soda

It's funny watching the boys. Aside from Chelsea, they make up the entirety of my life. I laugh every time my three-year-old takes his first sip of a soda. He always forgets it's fizzy. I love it when he looks at me, completely surprised, and shouts, “IT'S SPICY!” My gosh, how spicy have they started making these orange cream sodas? Back in my day, they tasted like orange…and cream. With some practiced sips, he comes to grips with the fizzy bubble sensation he isn't yet accustomed to, and he starts to enjoy all that is Southern California heaven.

Children sitting on the hood of a truck

Now, I'm well stocked on my travel games, coffee containment, and a cooler we can use for just about any of the trips where ice makes our drinks cold. All easily accomplished on in just a few short minutes of web surfing. This is a Father's Day done right, all because I spent it with the people that meant the most. The people that made me a father to begin with. A simple travel day with my boys.


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