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If you're the type that likes to get your hands dirty and take ownership of your yard and field work, STIHL has the perfect solution with their battery powered tools. With the new KombiMotor system, you can get all the work done with just one motor and an attachment for each job.

Because most people don't have a ton of space to spare, having the option to de-bulk the work shed is a lifesaver. But being able to cut the space without compromising quality or effectiveness is the real challenge. This is how to get the widest range of work done with the one tool to rule them all… powered by a battery.

Working Class Battery Powered Tools

Getting field workd done with stihl kma 135 battery powered tools

STIHL is, hands down, the king of gas powered tools. They have always been the benchmark for everything that you might need to cut, trim, blow, and even clean. But that wasn't enough for them! A few years ago, they decided to corner the lithium ion cordless tool arena as well. There was no plan to cut corners… just thick weeds, trees, and hedges!

From Gas to Lithium Ion Battery and Back Again

Heavy duty farm work with stihl kma 135

I first got to take a look at STIHL's battery powered lineup in 2016 when I went to tour their factory in Virginia Beach and see their lithium ion cordless tools first hand. Not only did they promise an exceptional run time, but the tools were impressively quiet and just as capable as you'd expect from STIHL. Each and every tool they came out with impressed me. But that meant choosing between gas and battery power for every single job.

This is where STIHL's “KM” multi tool system comes in. It cut down on the number of engines you might need to invest in to get all your jobs done. Then, they took it a step further with their battery powered tools by developing the “KMA” line and making all the heavy duty gas powered attachments work on an improved, silent, cordless power tool. So, if you want to get the same “Kombi” job done, you can do it silently with zero emissions and the same great attachments.

Field Work in a Snap…and Thread

Nate day demonstrating battery powered tools by stihl usa

Getting my hands on the STIHL KMA 135r was an exciting prospect for me as I am not just a city home owner but I also have a farm to maintain in the countryside. This means I have heavier workloads to set my tools to. With thick weeds along my fence at the irrigation canal, I chose to bring both a brushcutter with its four-tooth grass blade and a straight line trimmer.

Nate day showing his stihl kma 135 battery powered tools

This means I can hit the long season's thick weeds (which grow to have stalks over an inch thick!) and switch to the string trimmer to finish up the bulk of the work. Two heads combine to maximize my cutting abilities in both power and bulk cutting.

Battery Powered Tools bring Power and Silence

Nate day standing on farm field with stihl kma 135 and trimmer attachement

If there's one thing I love about living in the countryside, it's the smell of growing mint and alfalfa in my neighbor's fields. The sound of birds in my trees is so peaceful. What I've grown to love most about my STIHL battery powered tools is that I get all the power instantly at the push of a button – with none of the noise or smell. As quickly as I start, everything goes back to mint aroma and bird songs.

Clean Air and Clean Streets

Stihl kma 135 with bristle brush attachment clearing road

One attachment I was really looking forward to getting into my battery powered tools work lineup was the bristle brush attachment. This heavy duty head is a beast when it comes to cleaning up the thick gravel that gets tossed all over the roadside of my property. I'm happy to say, the STIHL KMA 135r powered through it all like it was dust.

A Dozen Jobs in one Trunk

Stihl kma 135 is easy to store and transport

I noticed something interesting after finishing up jobs on my farm. As I loaded up to head back into the city, all of my tools and attachments fit into a space about two feet wide and three feet long. This versatile and powerful tool could fit 12 or so jobs worth of work in the trunk of the smallest sedan! If I want to, I can go do all the yard work at Oma's house and bring everything in the little trunk space in Chelsea's Jeep.

Blowing Away the Cutting Edge

Nate Day using string trimmer on STIHL KMA 135

Back in the city, I set to work with my new multi tool tidying up my front yard area. With the string trimmer, I made quick work of my sidewalk line. Aside from the few patches caused by recent dog walkers using my lawn for their pups (grrr!) it was a quick fix to improve the appearance.

Nate day switching from stihl trimmer head to blower head on kma 135

Then, I decided to use one of my cordless brushless battery powered tools. Despite already owning the BGA 100, I opted for the BG-KM Blower. It was a breath of fresh air, making the job easier as I could do the whole thing with one motor and battery.

Nate day using stihl kma 135 blower attachment

Unlike a lot of other battery powered tools, this is not a 12v max or 20v max cordless system. STIHL's batteries deliver a whopping 36v of power for the serious do it yourself types. STIHL's battery charger is also one of the fastest on the market.

Making the Cut

Stihl kma 135 pole saw with chainsaw safety gear

Finally, to round out the chores needing to be done at home, I threw on the necessary safety equipment and the HT-KM Pole Pruner and set to work on the unruly shared hedge on my property line. With a little STIHL chain oil I made quick work of overgrowth. The best part, other than the silent work being done, was that nothing was out of reach.

Kma 135 pole saw by stihl being used by nate day to trim hedge

If you want a complete set of high quality tools on hand without worrying about storage issues, noise, or odors, look no further than the STIHL KMA 135r. This unit takes the cake for any battery powered line!

Have you ever used battery powered tools?


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