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I've always said that Someday I'll Learn is, first and foremost, a family blog. Our focus is our family and we openly write about everything going on with us, from personal triumphs to laundry to trying to conceive. No holds barred. There is one area, however, where I utilize a bit more discretion than usual: Some Boy. I don't use his real name on the blog and I rarely discuss his personal information like medical or behavioral issues. I want him to be able to charter his own online identity, and I'm careful not to put anything out there that I think might embarrass him one day. I'm even thoughtful about photos I post of him. That one of him doing an Elvis hip thrust in the tub? Not gonna be posted here. The picture I snapped when he exploded that green stuff all over my brand new blouse? You all don't want to see that anyway. Trust me.

Some Boy

However, our family and close friends read the blog and they're constantly on the lookout for more personal stuff involving the boy. I don't care about using Some Boy's day-to-day interactions as entertainment with them, and I'm not at all concerned about stories I tell my sister or brother-in-law getting him labeled with bizarre nicknames for the rest of his life. Bring it on. That's what family's for, right!? They always want to hear about his latest doctor visits, his first steps and humorous juvenile interactions. Stuff that I'm not necessarily comfortable posting up here or even on my personal Facebook profile. So I've started a separate little family blog over on FindandRemind. I can send invites to anyone who I want to see updates, and I can put up blog posts, photos and even events like upcoming birthday parties. If I have a last-minute emergency, it's easy for me to post a call for help to get nearby relatives to come babysit or run an errand for me.

findandremind family blog

The best part is that I can totally customize this tool to fit any niche in my life. I can make public groups for church fellowship and neighborhood potluck organizers, and I can use their tools to divide work among classroom volunteers. It's all customizable and secure based on settings that moderators choose. If this sounds like something that would fit a niche in your life, check it out over at!

This post is sponsored by FindandRemind. All opinions are my own.